The storage solution you are looking for

Order Preparation

Regardless of the level of complexity of your orders, we have specialized personnel to facilitate the order assembly process, guaranteeing the exact assortment in a timely manner.

Inventory management and control


Cutting-edge technology and best storage practices are used to ensure the reliability and proper management of your inventory.

  • Our WMS allows the inventory movements to be opportunely updated, as well as always having their visualization on the internet.
  • Our facilities meet the safety and quality standards of most sectors, becoming an extension of their operations with the excellence required by our customers.

• Strategically located in Mexico ‘s main cities, we are crucial in the delivery to the final destination of our customers

Cross docking

Increase your productivity by optimizing your product flow through an agile service.

We are receiving your cargo at our distribution centers to consolidate and ship quickly to their destination.

Fiscal warehouse

Our fiscal warehouses are prepared for the reception of imported merchandise which can be included under the Fiscal Warehouse Regime (RDF), aiding our clients by only paying the foreign trade taxes until the materials or merchandise are removed.

This an excellent option for those looking to market imported merchandise in Mexico without paying the total amount of taxes at the time of entering the country, it allows you to cover with them the cost of taxes.

Last mile services

This regards to the last step of the delivery process where the product is transported from the distribution center to the final location. The last mile delivery is often considered the slowest and most expensive part of the entire process.

From same-day deliveries to strict regulatory compliance requirements for retailers with a growing need for bespoke value-added services, current storage and distribution operations require a multichannel approach in the orders preparation.

Our facilities for multiple clients offer a wide variety of custom order preparation services focused on efficiency and maximum customer satisfaction.

Inspections and light maquila


Zat logistics offer the quality assurance of your products through inspection, selection, drawing of materials, visual inspections (attributes), dimensional inspections or any type of inspection method required according to the specifications established by our customers.

Exhaustive classification, control and audit of the non-conforming product that is derived from this, is carried out, providing information that allows you to establish the traceability of your product.

Light maquila services, assemblies and sub-assemblies are among the many services we are offering, this allow our clients to optimize resources without making large investments, we have skilled labor at competitive costs.

  • Armed packages, promotional and special kits.
  • Tagging (Marbeteo).
  • Packaging and item shrink film packaging.

Merchandise Conditioning

Our packaging service is available for any type of materials, products and / or publicity, developing special applications according to the needs of our customers

  • Labeling.
  • Palletizing
  • Segregation by product / destination / customer.