Door to door service

Logistics coordination, from the products’s origin to each destination, adapting

according to your needs on each of part of the supply chain.

Import / Export

Zat logistics provides crucial aid in the processing of shipping declarations through customs and associated border agencies. We prepare the required documentation, calculate the duties and other taxes on behalf of the importer, coordinate the inspections required by public bodies and organize the delivery.

  • Exception management – Supplier references: manage information discrepancies and supplier documentation, identify bottlenecks, reducing charges and costly delays
  • Consistent synchronization as well as events to provide visibility to the process
  • Border clearance management: Simplify customs procedures
  • Client supply profiles: Obtain reports of confidential procurement profiles for US customs clearance customers.
  • Regulatory and business compliance standards planned through audits and other programs: customize your regulatory compliance requirements.


A wide range of logistics solutions for shipments anywhere in the world, and for a wide variety of sectors.

Zat logistics understands that air transport is a high-end and expensive service. Our specialists can aid you with a variety of solutions focused on rapid transit, constant communication, consolidation and intermodal opportunities.

Access to different capacities available on aircraft allows us to be flexible and able to further customize and optimize supply chain solutions with optimized routes, prices and delivery speed.


Our maritime cargo services include cargo consolidation / deconsolidation, IATA documentation, storage, labeling, distribution, and full door-to-door service.

With subsidiaries in the main seaports; Altamira (Tampico), Veracruz, Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas.

This represents a significant advantage for our clients by providing a variety of options to choose according to their needs.


As a result ofvour integrated network of top-level service providers, we have access to the main asset-based transportation companies, with global, regional and local reach

Preferential: specialized integral handling of high value products and personal treatment

  • Defined deadlines: collection and delivery services without size or weight restrictions.
  • Border crossing: integration of customs clearance, cargo management and transportation in an integrated supply chain solution
  • Network management: single traceability point for better response and simplified communication
  • Intermodal and rail, national and cross-border transport

Customs broker

Customs merchandise clearance  in its different regimes.

  • American Customs Agent with CTPAT certification.
  • Specialists in Tariff Classification.
  • Digitalization of Foreign Trade records.
  • Pediment correction
  • Generation of customized operation reports.
  • Annex 24 interface electronic files.
  • Visibility of your operations via web.


One of our aims is the e-commerce service, that is why we have key alliances with

The main parcel delivery companies in Mexico, covering just over 30,000 zip codes.

This allows us to be able to take that valuable package to your client’s door.

Cargo insurance

For your comfort, we offer cargo insurance throughout Mexico.

Insuring your cargo with Zat Logistics will give you the piece of mind  that your merchandise travels from its origin to the  final destination without any problem and under our guaranteed support