Prior to the year 2000, aerospace manufacturing in Mexico was almost non-existent. Beginning in 2003, until the present, Mexico’s aerospace industry has grown at an approximately twenty percent annual clip.

The country has risen from industry obscurity to occupy the position of the 9th largest supplier of parts to aerospace industry OEM’s in the United States, and is the hemisphere’s lowest cost producer.are your strategic partner in Mexico.

Economies of Scale


Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. and its lower labor cost structure have drawn approximately 300 foreign manufacturers to areas in five Mexican states.

These areas have developed economies of scale that aerospace component manufacturers leverage to overcome the learning curve associated with operating in a foreign country and achieve a desired level of productivity and efficiency.

Over the past 15 years, cost reduction pressures from Aerospace OEM’s in North America and Europe have influenced next-tier suppliers in some industry sectors to establish low-cost manufacturing strategies in Mexico.

Aerospace Manufacturing Advantages in Mexico


While Mexico’s cost structure provides significant savings, other factors are helping the country become an attractive venue for aerospace work. These include:

  • A workforce that is experienced in aerospace component manufacturing operations
  • A workforce with a focus on quality, learned from years spent manufacturing components in industries such as automotive, electronics and medical devices
  • Increased knowledge of AS9100 and Nadcap
  • The Mexican government’s desire to elevate skill sets in the workforce through education and increased financial resources

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